What is Super Phone ?
Super Phone is an Internet telephone device, that provides a USA Phone Number anywhere in the world, using the Internet, no need for computers, over a dialup internet connection in the destination country.

Money Back Guarantee ?
We offer a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. But our Relationship Doesn't Expire After 30 Days.

Who is it for ?

If you are in the United States, Canada, UK, Poland or You call Internationally to ONE Location a lot Super Phone is for YOU.

If you are outside the United States & Canada & You call different locations all around the world, you can use Super Phone to make Really Low Cost International Phone calls, without a Computer, from your regular phone.

How Does it work ?
Super Phone works using Internet. It connects itself to Internet using a Phone Line with built in modem or via DSL /cable/wireless/  Internet service via its built in Ethernet Card.

Via Gateway:
connected to Internet, the party in the United States, Canada or any other country, can dial his or her direct USA number
that connect them to the Super Phone (physically located overseas) over Internet. For USA callers, this is a domestic that rings on an international long distance number.

Via Device to Device:
Can call between any 2 Super Phone for free, over the internet, no computers are needed.

What does it cost ?
Super Phone, buy and own it for a special price of $250 with $10 me every month for FREE, with no Contract. If you rent the phone, there is a $55 one time activation charge, $55 disconnection charge at the time of disconnection of the service. A major Credit Card is required to rent the Super Phone. If you are outside the United States or have an insufficient credit rating, there will be a $99 refundable Security Deposit.

Please note that we DO NOT sell the mysuperphone service for use in United States any more due to the non availability of 911 service from MySuperPhone.com

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FREE Super Phone to Super Phone calls.
Web based  Call Management.
Web based  Call Logs.
Web based  Internet Refill.
Web based  ISP Autofill.
Web based  Talk Time Charging.
LOW Out Going rates

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What are our Customer Saying:  
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"I had not talked to my dad and mom in over four months because it's too expensive. As a kid, I always wanted to attend a USA university, but I miss my parents so much. The day I sent them a Super Phone in Oman was the best thing I've done. Now, they can talk to me for 5 cents a minute and it's better than the other internet phone quality, and I can concentrate on my calculus." (Sarana, Muscat, Oman)


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Price $250 after instant rebate
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Shipping inside the US $15
International Shipping $59
FedEx Corporation, your single source for time-sensitive, time-definite and day-definite package, document, and freight transportation services domestically and internationally.

Service Plans Rates:

Silver: $15 a month, 500 mins incoming or outgoing mins. 3.5 Cent a min out going after 500 mins, and 1 cent a min incoming

GOLD: Unlimited Incoming and 500 Mins outgoing calls $25 a month

Platinum: $69 a month, Unlimited incoming and Unlimited Out going to anywhere in the US or Canada from overseas.

Diamond: $ZERO a month, 1.9 cent incoming, 3.9

$25 Setup Fee

No Contracts Month to Month

Super Phone to Super Phone:

Rates: Shipping Charges.
$19 inside United States
$29 Canada
$59 to India or Pakistan
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17 August 2005 Now offers from 15+ Countries in the world from Virtual Phone Line . COM service
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